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One Day National Webinar on Unpacking Covid: Overcoming the Pandemic Blues

Patiala, 22 February (Richa) A one day National Webinar on Unpacking Covid: Overcoming the Pandemic Blues was conducted by the Dispensary Committee of Khalsa College Patiala. Dr. Harsimarpreet Kaur Assistant Professor of Human Ecology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, was the keynote speaker. Speaking in the context of the subject, he revealed many aspects of human behavior during the lockdown imposed by the government during the Corona Call. On this occasion college principal Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha said that the teachers are considered to be the most conscious section of the society, hence it is the special responsibility of the teachers not to worry too much about themselves in this difficult time. He motivated them to come forward and play a role as a beacon for the society in understanding and solving as much as possible. He said that we should follow the instructions of the government and work hard to create a conscious and safe society through such webinars and other awareness programs.On this occasion Prof. Jatinder Kaur, Convener of College Dispensary Committee thanked the keynote speaker, all the staff members and the students present. About 200 staff members and students participated in the webinar and all of them were also issued online certificates for participation.

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