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7 government hospitals among 10 best institutions providing services under Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojna : Deputy Commissioner

Sangrur, 26 February:(Richa)

Under the Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojna, the Punjab Government has been providing cashless health facilities to the beneficiaries under which thousands of patients in Sangrur district have availed free healthcare facilities. While divulging details, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Ramvir said that in the list of top 10 health institutions in Sangrur district, the patients preferred to avail cashless treatment from seven government health institutions.Mr. Ramvir said that majority of the patients, suffering from various ailments, have approached the government health institutions of the district for treatment.  He said that Tata Memorial Centre has provided health facilities worth Rs. 7.30 crore to 4302 patients.  Apart from this District Hospital Sangrur provided cashless treatment of 2.81 crore to 3870 patients, Sibia Healthcare Pvt Ltd provided 71 lakh to 2742 patients, Sub Division Hospital Malerkotla provided 2.29 crore to 2407 patients, Hazrat Halima Maternity and General Hospital Malerkotla provided 64 lakh to 2161 patients, Hind hospital provided 1.07 crore to 1902 patients, 47 lakh to 1144 patients of Sub Division Hospital Sunam, 53 lakh to 1108 patients of CHC Bhavanigarh, 52 lakh to 1066 patients of CHC Amargarh and Dhuri Sub Division Hospital, has provided cashless treatment facilities worth 96 lakh to 889 patients.  The Deputy Commissioner appealed all the eligible beneficiaries registered under the Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojna to reach out to special camps being organised in the villages and cities to make a e-card. He told that all the market committees, Sewa Kendras and Common Service Centers can also be visited for the issuance of the card. He said that the campaign of special camps would continue till February 28.

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