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One Day Workshop on “Towards A Healthier Cosmos”

Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa with the prize winners during the workshop

Patiala 26 Feb (Richa)

English Literary Society of P.G. Department of English Cultural Studies and Foreign Languages organized one day workshop on the theme “Towards a Healthier Cosmos”. The aim of the workshop was to sensitize the students towards love, compassion, tolerance and a healthier world. The students from different streams of the college participated enthusiastically in the workshop.

 Dr. Dharminder Singh Ubha, Principal of the College, said that it is an urgent need to spread awareness among the students regarding the causes of ecological imbalance and motivated all the present to be united for the progression of greener earth.

 Dr. Jasleen Kaur, Deputy-Principal of the college, in her address, stressed that we should first clean our own minds and make individual efforts to get connected to nature, instead of blaming others for destruction. She expressed her hope in today’s young generation and motivated them to seek solace and contentment in their lives by giving up materialistic attitudes.

Dr. Deepinderjeet Randhawa, the Head of the Department, shared her happiness to see students back in the campus. While addressing the students, she emphasized that the need of the hour is to consciously make efforts to change our unhealthy lifestyle by reviving our interest in nature. Through her own life experiences, she told that mental health is as important as our physical fitness.


During the workshop. a beautiful presentation by Prof. Uminder Kaur Batish, Prof. Simerjeet Kaur, Prof. Pawanpreet Kaur and Prof. Aarti Malhotra was given on the theme “Healthy Planet Earth”. The students were made aware of how man, due to his selfish purposes, has reduced the world to a place full of suffering, disease and unhealthy environment. With technological advancement, man has forgotten to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Not only this, due to air, water, soil and noise pollution, man has put the life of flora and fauna at risk also. A pledge was also taken to show allegiance to the Earth and to the plants, animals and to the human life that it supports.

 A skit on the theme “Current Global Scenario” was presented by the students. It was based on how to make this planet better by choosing cooperation over competitiveness and spirituality over materialism. In poster-making competition, participants showcased their talent through their posters on the topics related to mental health and healthy environment.

Dr Ayesha Khosla in her address on “Traffic Control” made students aware that just as outer traffic needs to controlled, similarly inner traffic of thoughts also needs to be channelized so as to save ourselves from negativity and pessimism.

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur talked on quotes on the theme of love, tolerance, relationship, healthy body and clean environment. Bhavika, a student of B.A. Honours in English II and also ardent Yoga practitioner, gave the audience some healthy tips.

Poetry Recitation competition on the theme of “Peaceful Co-existence” and “Healthy Environment” was also a part of this workshop. In Poster Making Competition, Jaspreet Kaur of BA.II got the first position, Delvin V.Joseph of B.A. II got the second and Usheen of M.A.I got the third. In Poetry recitation competition, Simrandeep Kaur of B.A.III got the first position, Jobanjeet Singh of B.A. II Honours in English got the second and Amandeep Kaur of B.A. Honours in Social Science III got the third.

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