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Extension lecture on Role of Radio in Mass Communication at MM Modi College

Patiala: April 24 (Richa ) The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in collaboration with English, Hindi and Punjabi language departments, Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala today organized an On-line extension lecture on the topic of ‘Role of radio in Mass Communication. The objective of this lecture was to explore history and different phases in the evolution and growth of radio and to understand its role in the development communication. The lecture was delivered by Shri. Amarjeet Singh Wairach, Group editor Global Punjab TV and Ex. Additional director All India Radio, a writer and columnist.

College principle Dr. Khushvinder Kumar ji while welcoming the main speaker said that freedom of speech and expression and a free press is the foundation for a democratic state. The speaker was formally introduced by Dr.Rupinder Singh, Assistant professor, Department of Punjabi.

 In this interactive lecture Shri. Amarjeet Singh Wairach discussed historical perspectives and dimensions of usages of radio in public service broadcasting system of India. He also discussed the role and contribution of radio in maintaining cultural harmony, promotion of traditional and folk heritage, educational and informational programes related with agriculture, women empowerment, health, education and developmental activities. He motivated the students to learn language skills and multimedia skills before joining any kind of media.

The lecture was attended by 375 participants. The vote of thanks was presented by Dr.Rupinder Sharma, Department of Hindi. The event was technically managed by Dr.Rohit Sechdeva. This event was coordinated by Dr.Kuldeep kaur, Department of journalism and mass communication.

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