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Online Expert lecture on Developing Effective Communication Skills organised at M. M. Modi College

Patiala: May 6 (Richa)   The Department of English, Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala today organized an Expert lecture on the topic of ‘The Written the Unwritten the Spoken Word: the Essence of Effective Communication’. This lecture was delivered by Dr. Sangeeta Handa, former Principal, Government Mohindra College, Patiala. The expert lecture was focused at the significance of written and unwritten words including silences in contemporary communication paradigms.  It aimed at addressing the challenges and problems generated due to lack of authentic information, and usage of language in an irresponsible way.

College Principal Dr. Khushvinder Kumar welcomed the speaker and said that we are living in such crucial times in which we must analyze and discuss about rebuilding and reconstruction of our informational pathways and communication patterns. He motivated the students to learn the skills and art of effective communication. The speaker was formally introduced By Vice-Principal of the college and Head, Department of English Prof. Shailendra Sidhu. She said that the main objective of this lecture is to reorient our communication abilities for building more humane and truthful social relationships.

Dr. Sangeeta Handa while delivering the lecture explored the role of effective communication in the dynamics of different social and interpersonal relations. She emphasized on the importance of our vernacular languages and literature for enriching our communication skills. Bringing into focus the methods, tools and techniques of effective communication, she demonstrated the role of educational system in developing these life skills.  She also motivated the students to read voraciously during this socio-political and economic crisis created by pandemic and said that mutual understanding and helping each other is the need of the hour.

            This lecture was coordinated by Dr. Harleen Kaur, Assistant Professor, English department. The vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Vaneet Kaur, Assistant professor, English department. The programme was technically managed by Dr.Rohit Sachdeva, Department of Computer Science. More than 500 students and teachers participated in this lecture.

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