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Deputy Commissioner conducts trial of direct sowing of paddy by driving tractor to motivate farmers

June 1 to June 15 is best time for direct sowing of paddy: Chief Agriculture Officer
Chooral Kalan / Sangrur, May 25:(Richa)
Deputy Commissioner Sangrur Mr. Ramvir said that direct sowing of paddy will not only save water which is a valuable resource of nature but will also resolve the problem of labour while transplanting paddy. The deputy Commissioner was here to personally conduct a trial of the the direct sowing method by himself driving a tractor. Mr. Ramvir said that this technology would not only save the ground water but will also reduce the economic burden on the farmers as it would save the direct cost of labor.
Mr. Ramvir said that nowadays farmers need to think carefully about the use of natural resources as their indiscriminate misuse has caused great loss to these valueable resources.  He said that if direct sowing was preferred by all the farmers then there was a possibility of uplift the ground water.
On this occasion Chief Agriculture Officer Sangrur Dr.  Jaswinderpal Singh Grewal said that the best time for direct sowing of Parmal varieties of paddy is from June 1 to June 15 and the best time for sowing of Basmati varieties is from June 16 to June 30.  Giving the technical details to the farmers, he said that direct sowing of paddy should be done only in fertile lands. He also advised the farmers to adopt the short duration varieties of paddy like P.R.-121, P.R.-122, P.R.-124, P.R. -126, P.R.  -127, P.R.  -128, P.R. -129 and P.R.  114 etc. should be sown.  Mr.  Grewal said that before direct sowing of paddy, 8 kg seeds should be soaked in water for 8 to 10 hours and then spread on wet sacks.

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