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Patiala, August 4:(Richa)  Women are the primary water decision-makers at the household levels and are the ones actually using & managing drinking water day-to-day for domestic chores such as cleaning, cooking and washing. The great step is that now there is increase in the majority of women in managing local water committees.

            One such initiative has been taken in Village Bhattla of block Sanour in Patiala district wherein all women committee has been formed to manage as well operate water supply scheme.

            All Women Gram Panchayat Water & Sanitation Committee (GPWSC) of Village Bhattla has demonstrated a high level of involvement in the scheme and they are very concerned about water source protection, besides ensuring scheme reliability. Village community, particularly the women’s group, is playing an active part by stepping outside their traditional roles and overcoming their fear to make their voices heard in public. This group of women had increased a dialogue with all concerned stakeholders to raise awareness and thus initiate a platform for change where women feel comfortable to step forward in water supply management activities and actions.


          The peculiarity of this GPWSC is Smt. Anju Bala, Sarpanch who has taken a lot of interest along with other members (special mention Smt. Devinder kaur cashier) and have become water stewards. For every kind of social intervention they gather together to take decisions in Gram Sabha and carry out activities without any flaw. Department of Water Supply & Sanitation social staff, Smt. Maninder Kaur, Block Resource Coordinator had carried out intensive awareness campaigns ward-wise and the holistic social change towards Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) has helped the women group in making a sustainable impact.

            The committee had devised a system of water use rules including a designated time and place to collect water tariff, hold regular meetings and ensures equitable access to water to all households. This system has reduced the village water-related issues, now community is paying water bills more reliably. The result is that, villagers have been gained access to reliable water supply.

            Similarly, all women GPWSC in village Rauni Jhugian block Patiala is playing pivotal role in managing the water supply scheme and have ushered in a societal change with new ideas to strengthen water resources more effectively.  Sarpanch of the village Smt. Anuradha Thakur a post graduate with all women GPWSC members are actively participating in providing safe drinking services to villagers. For timely collection of water tariff every month this group of 10 women decides a dedicate place and time as per convenience of the residents.

            These behavior change activities have brought a positive change in reduction in water wastage and water bills are now collected on time. Villagers are provided with uninterrupted supply of water for 10 hours. Even responsibility of pump operator has been given to women named Smt. Radha Rani. Increasing women’s involvement in such roles is paving way for better water management in the villages.

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